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If provided materials are incomplete the following assumptions will be made:
Ceiling height: 2,400 mm.
Wall thickness: 110 - 380 mm and we will propose products tailored to the local climate.

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Quotation requests for the Hokkaido wooden louvre here


  • Direct and easy installation
  • No cumbersome ducts required; allow for more design freedom.
  • Energy saving DC motor fan unit with consumption of just 1.6W/h max.
  • Top level heat recovery efficiency of 93%
  • Easy maintenance due to simple construction

The number of individual units depends on the size and layout of the building.
For housing purposes, four units per floor are usually sufficient.

Please note that up to eight units can be connected to one controller unit.
For larger projects, such as hotels and commercial facilities, more controller units may be added.

Please contact us for ventilation calculations. This service is free of charge.

Seseragi® is a total heat exchange ventilation.
Moisture (water vapor) is absorbed and collected on the surface of the ceramic heat exchange element.
However, the humidification effect is not as strong as the dehumidification effect.

DC motors don't cause problems with the power outlets and run on a lower voltage than the power supply.
Voltage is converted by a high-performance distribution board.
Seseragi® runs with a high-performance AC-to-DC converter

One-year warranty.
Registered customers may extend their warranty to three years free of charge.
A ten-year warranty is provided on the ceramic heat exchange element.
If interested, please write "Free Extended Warranty" in the inquiry form remarks column.

We recommend you to check the filters once in about three months.
Depending on local pollution levels, filter lifetime may vary.

Standard filters are washable. After cleaning, wait until they are fully dried before re-attaching.

Since PM2.5 and pollen filters, antibacterial filters and deodorizing filters can not be washed with water, please purchase a replacement filter on Amazon.

VMP/VMPX series controller will flash the filter maintenance LED once every three months as a reminder.

・ VMP/VMPX controller (since June 2015) Filter maintenance:
The filter maintenance LED will light up after 3960 hours of operation time. In that case, please clean/replace the filter.
Afterwards, press the filter button on the controller for about five seconds to reset the timer.
Refer to the VMP/VMPX manual for details.

・Seseragi® heat exchange element and fan unit
Fan units of the type Gaussfan03 series are easy to maintain. After removing the power cable, the fan unit is fully waterproof and can be washed together with the ceramic under flowing water.
Please let the fan unit dry properly before re-inserting into the wall sleeve.
Maintenance once per year is sufficient under normal circumstances.

There are two types of exclusive Seseragi® filters: the standard dust filter and the PM2.5 pollen filter.
The pollen filter can stop particles bigger than 10 μm with a high collection rate of about 71% to 96%. If you have family members suffering from pollen allergies, you may use the pollen filter care-free lineup..
Filter lineup

During the warranty period, replacement parts will be supplied free of charge. We will guide each customer individually through the replacement procedure.

We do not only sell, but also offer consulting on design, plans and construction methods.

Installation is simple. During construction, please make sure to refer to the construction manual. If you are not a professional, it is best practice to refer to an electrician company to install the Seseragi®. Please contact us if you have any inquiries regarding installation.
TEL: (+49)892 55575616

Ventilation requirements vary, depending on building conditions.
The more people living in a building, the higher the ventilation requirements.
Water vapor, for example, from cooking/bathing also influences the need for ventilation.
As a rule of thumb, 20 ~ 30 m³/h of ventilation is needed per person.
E.g. for four people 120m³/h of ventilation is required, assuming an air change rate of 0.5 per hour, with a total air space of 240m³

We provide fire protective FD dampers which can be installed if required.

We can provide a small sample of our ceramic heat storage element.
You can experience the heat exchange efficiency first-hand by using a hair dryer.
If you wish for a sample, please contact us via the form above.

If you wish to exhibit a Seseragi® device to your customers, you will need to purchase a model unit.
Please note that we also hold exhibitions and are looking forward to seeing you there!

Due to the ceramic element's surface structure, no odor is absorbed. When ventilating 24/7, the air is always in motion leading to a low concentration of odorous particles and inhibiting mold growth

We sell the product directly. Please fill out the request for quotation form and send it via email or FAX.

  1. 1. The controller does not react. (LED on・LED off)
    1. Hold the power button for more than 5 seconds.
    2. Make sure the main power source and breaker are connected to power.
    3. Make sure that the main power supply wiring to the controller is intact.
  2. 2. The fan does not move.
    1. Check the wiring. (is it connected to the controller?)
    2. Check the connection and wiring of the fan connector section.
    3. Check the connection and wiring of the controller connector section.
    4. Make sure that the wiring to the fan is intact.
    5. Check the controller wiring.
  3. 3. 1 fan operates on high level (unable to control)
    1. Check the controller wiring.
    2. Check the white wire connecting the specific fan and the controller.
  4. 4. The controller LED are not lit
    1. The controller is turned off. Hold the power button.
    2. Check wiring
  5. 5. 1~4 did not solve the problem.
    1. Please contact us. We can respond quickly if you provide your details, construction company name and problems in detail.

For further questions and explanations, please feel free to contact us.